About Diadem Church

Diadem Ministries International a.k.a Diadem Church

Charity No: 1128340

Diadem Church is the operational base for Diadem Ministries International founded in October 2008. Diadem is sent with the word and enabling of God’s spirit to raise strong and impactful believers on mission for Christ. Living the very life of God profitably here on earth and purposefully for eternal reward.

The word of God is thoroughly divided for your consumption and maximum spiritual experience; the move of the Holy Spirit is deep, tangible and genuine. Continuous, forward and upward change of position in destiny walk with open right hand of fellowship make Diadem a sure home for members and an unforgettable experience for seekers.

Diadem Vision

Diadem Church is sent as a mountain of TURN AROUND, where the impacts of righteousness that comes through faith in Christ will always have tangible and positive manifestations by faith in the lives of whosoever believes.

Isaiah 62:1-12; Romans 1:16-17.